Microgreens, healthier than the full-size versions!

Defend your family with an arsenal of powerful, antioxidant, antiviral, vitamin rich, microgreens. Grown in BPA -free, food-safe trays that fit into the included decorative wood box for an attractive centerpiece.

Microgreens are the seedlings of vegetables, herbs, and grains. They are an emerging superfood, specialty vegetable that’s become wildly popular with upscale restaurants and health enthusiasts. Seedings are packed with all the nutrition that they will ever have and by consuming lots of individual microgreens in a salad or smoothie you take a shortcut to enormous caloric value and dense nutrition.

Like sprouts, Microgreens are a young vegetable. However, sprouts and microgreens are not the same. Sprouts are newly germinated seeds that people harvest just as the seed begins to grow and before their leaves develop. Conversely, microgreens grow from sprouts, and they have true leaves.

Superfood Farmer Microgreens are available via USPS, local delivery or pick up. Your trays arrive pre-planted with the perfect combination of organically fertilized grow medium and seeds with a high germination rate. Simply spray with water using the included mister and watch them grow! Growing from the kit is easy and economical and Includes everything you need to grow your own microgreens from home on a regular basis. Havest fresh cut greens whenever you want!

Choose from one to six varieties per box

Mixed baby lettuce

  • Mild flavor
  • Popular mix of baby lettuces
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals

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