Hi, I’m Fauna, the superfood farmer. Its August 2020 I just sold my 3 acre Texas ranch to return to Florida where I’ll be taking you along my journey to regrow the established farm I left behind. This time I’ll be buying a typical suburban pool home and taking my preps and agricultural pursuits off grid to a remote plot of land in the country. I’m going to max out my quarter acre suburban yard with edibles then move in to the country plot where I can build a plant perimeter security fence. I’ve got to get back to self sufficiency fast because tensions are rising as the election approaches and I’ve got to get growing flora & fauna!

I’ll adhere to the principles of permaculture and regenerative agriculture to raise free range chickens, quail, rabbits, honey bees and a freshwater fish aquaponics pond to fertilize my edible plants. My suburban home has a freshwater canal with a small fishing dock that irrigates the yard.

I grow fruit trees, perennial vegetables, mushrooms, brambles, bamboo, herbs and flowers with an emphasis on nutritional density, medicinal properties, perimeter security and sustenance.

First priority is to get back on 100% harvested rainwater, set up infrastructure and solar with a Tesla back up power wall.

I’ll take you along as I attempt to prepare my family for survival on a budget through sustainable food security. It’s not too late!

Empowering others through self sufficiency

“I grow using conscious design of natural ecosystems that go beyond typical garden varieties, while all homegrown crops present health benefits, there are several that tend to be higher in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, that can boost your immune functioning and overall well-being”.

Fauna, the Superfood Farmer invites you to join her in the survival food revolution.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’



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