The Superfood Farmer Is a trusted source for an expanding selection of editable plants chosen for  superior nutrient content, medicinal properties and sustenance.

Our Mission: Superfood Farmer strives to help families achieve optimal immunity, improved health and food security by utilizing God’s natural bounty. We embody our collective belonging to the natural world and our ancestral heritage of living in balance with the Earth. To become less dependent on an unstable, food system of factory farms, toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  

 All nursery plants on the 3-acre permaculture farm are organically grown with care by certified master herbalist, superfood farmer Karen Salem using conscious design of natural ecosystems.

“I grow edibles that go beyond typical garden varieties, while all homegrown crops present health benefits, there are several that tend to be higher in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other goodies that can boost your immune functioning and overall well-being.”

Synthetic drugs address symptoms caused by specific diseases as understood by scientific pathology, however, superfood directs towards aiding the body’s own healing process.

 Incorporate organically grown superfood herbs, vegetables, and fruit into your yard or container garden today.