Grow Bags

Potted plants tend to develop tangled root systems. As the roots grow and expand, they form circles that eventually lead to a ball of tightly packed roots that inhibit plant growth. When a plant’s root system is tangled in circles, it is unable to harness oxygen, water, and nutrients from the soil. Eventually, the roots begin to encircle the pot, which leads to structural damage to the plant. In some cases, rot sets in due to poor drainage.

This is why it is so important to check and trim the plant roots regularly to avoid girdling roots and promote air pruning! Unfortunately, plastic planters are notorious for inhibiting air pruning and more importantly causing vast amounts of plastic pollution having a profound effect on our planet. 

Air pruning is a process that burns off the plant roots naturally. As the roots burn off naturally, healthier branching roots will grow. With the new feeder roots, the plant is able to absorb more nutrients and water from the soil, accelerating plant growth.

You won’t have the same problem when you are using grow bags. Grow bags promote proper root growth and air pruning. The overall root structure and mass of the plant improve too! Unlike plastic planters, these eco- friendly, BPA-free grow bags won’t constrict nutrient uptake, these products allow dominant roots to grow without causing girdling.